Thursday, May 21, 2009

Post Christian America?

With the social benefits of professing to be a Christian no longer in place and the social stigma of not professing to be a Christian now lifted, those who were part of Christendom America are simply no longer pretending to be part of Christian America.

That's a quote from mega-pastor Mark Driscoll in a rebuttal to an article Newsweek did on religion in America. You can see the whole article here:,2933,519517,00.html

I really liked this quote. It's long been an issue for me for people who in no way could ever be convicted of being a Christian (if put on trial for such) claiming to be one. Driscoll hits it on the head here. There were social benefits to claiming to be a Christian and stigmas to not being one. Neither of those exist anymore.

What really gets my knickers in a twist, though, is Christians crying because the national tone has changed. As if legislation would make them righteous. As if everyone going to church on Christmas eve and wishing everyone "Merry Christmas" makes them righteous. As if abortion being illegal or gay marriage being illegal would make them righteous.

The Bible says that the way to Life is narrow and few there are who find it. Maybe that's something to consider.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who's an artist?

We all have our own definitions of what "creativity" means.

Years ago, when my dearest friend introduced me to scrapbooking, I said I wasn't creative. She teases me about that on occasion still.

But I could always qualify that by saying that I have "different kind" of creativity. I still don't think I can do home interior designs (maybe when I don't have any men in my house to mess it up!!), but I feel pretty confident in my own little niche.

I've always defined being artistic as being able to draw. That's been a Rubicon I'd never even try to cross.


Mike's birthday is tomorrow. I wanted to make him a fun card that wasn't too girly. Cupcakes are pretty popular right now but my cupcake stamp (which I'd stamp, color then cut out and add to a card) is little. And I want to make him a big card. So what to do?

I drew a cupcake.

Yes. You read that right. I drew a cupcake in pieces, used it as a template and made my own. Complete with cherry on top.

I am so excited! I can't wait to try new things. I've got a little turtle for a new baby card that's next...

Friday, April 17, 2009

The remarkable Susan Boyle

The first link is to the You Tube video of Susan Boyle's audition for "Britian's Got Talent." It appears to be a show in the UK sort of like our American Idol.

The second link is to an interesting editorial about the reaction to the hauntingly beautiful voice housed in the ordinary body.

I agree. We should not judge books by their cover. Why would we assume that if a person is not beautiful, they shouldn't have any other talent either? Why should we even enter a discussion about it? Does no beauty = no talent? Does being beautiful mean you are gifted in everything you try?

The editorialist sugests we think about what we might think about Susan if she couldn't sing. What if she'd been like William Hung? You might remember him from American Idol a few years back. He simply couldn't sing. But we loved him. Still can't figure that out. And I use "we" meaning "the rest of my crazy society."

What's so remarkable about Susan? That she can sing? Or that she's so ordinary looking AND sings like an angel on loan from heaven?

Personally, I think this culture is obsesses with the visual. With the birth of MTV back in 1980, video media really did kill all others. Nowadays, mass market success is reserved to those who are both talented and visually appealing. Some success can be had with one or the other. Mostly it's passable talent and beauty rather than amazing talent without the beauty.

I wonder how many other amazingly talented people are sitting behind closed doors and unturned rocks. How many watch folks like Susan and sigh, wishing they could have a chance to be really seen.

Working on my fantasy card

I wanted to try my hand at a Cardvaark's challenge so I'm working on a fantasy themed card. It's the princess one. Only problem was that I couldn't think of a good "fantasy" sentiment. So I piddled around with a few other sketches and ideas. I am going to have to do more with the transparency sheets!

You always make me smile
Happy Mother's Day

Happy Birthday Princess

Happy birthday

Monday, April 13, 2009

baby cards

So I've got a stash of cards in my scrap room for all the various and sundry cards needs I have in life. Maybe if I keep this up, it'll be worth having a booth at the craft fair. But for now, I enjoy making them and giving them away.

A couple at church are having a baby and we're doing the shower thing. I was thinking it was a boy, but then had a moment's doubt. I realized that I have cards for baby girls and for baby boys, but none for "we don't know yet." So I made these.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two new creations

For the Craft Mad April sketch challenges, both cards and layouts, I created these. It was fun to have a little challenge to get my mojo flowing!

Lynn and gramma scrapping:

Nina and Lynn:

Friendship card:

Easter card:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Black Thursday

Not a good day in the Martin household. Mike got laid off this morning. We've been through this before. 7 years ago. But it sucked then and it sucks now. We've been without insurance before, but at least Nick is covered now. And he's got unemployment that's not too bad. But I'm worried about my parents. My dad might get hit with this one. And it would not be good for them to be without insurance. At least my mom is done with her chemo.